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How to choose art that complements you

Art is so much more than just a picture hanging on a wall.

The art in your home says more about you than any other object. Your furnishings, drapes, floors, walls and appliances all reflect your style—but art is personal. Your sofa may be the most comfortable place in the world, but it won't take you anywhere. Your art will. It should work with your decor to provide a unified feeling, but it should also, and more importantly, reflect your sensitivities.

Bold or subtle. Traditional or contemporary. Exciting or laid back. Colorful or black-and-white. Art comes in all flavors. Sometimes you want your art to inspire you. Sometimes you want it to soothe you.

Do you travel a lot or wish you could? Art can take you back to where you've been or send you to where you'd like to go.

Do you want to be carried away to a peaceful place at the end of a stressful day? Art does that, easily.

Want to remember an earlier time or look forward? Art effortlessly can move you through time.

Our design consultants are experts at finding the right art for you. They spend time with you to learn your needs and then work with you throughout the selection process. Our goal is to professionally assist you in the art buying decision so that you will be pleased with your new addition for many years to come.

At Home With Art

Crofton Fine Art & Framing offers free design and art consultation in your home. We can assist you in decorating your home with art and custom framing that suits your style, space and budget.

Art for Your Business

Crofton Fine Art & Framing can help you develop a plan for decorating your office or workplace. We offer quantity discounts as well as delivery and installation.


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