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Nothing says amateur framing more than a piece that looks like artwork stuck into a frame. Beautiful framing is the combination of frame, matting and glass that, together with the artwork, makes the piece appear as though it were created all at the same time.

Our design consultants are well versed in the art of making your artwork and our framing go so well together that you won't know where the art ends and the framing begins. That is just as it should be.

What is conservation framing?

If artwork is not properly framed in a preservation manner it can fade, yellow, stain, even be burned by acids in inferior framing materials—causing irreparable damage and loss of value and beauty. Preservation, or conservation, framing is a method that preserves and protects artwork. It ensures that all materials used in framing and matting will not harm the artwork and will, as much as possible, protect the artwork from physical damage.

Conservation framing protects the integrity and value—be it monetary or emotional—of all your artwork, photographs and memorabilia, preserving and protecting it for the enjoyment of the next generation.

Professional, certified picture framers are trained in the proper techniques and materials for preservation framing. Don't be afraid to ask your framer if they are certified by the Professional Picture Framers Association. They've studied and worked long and hard to achieve the certified designation, and they'll appreciate your asking.




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